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Boston Museum of Science: Mesa Verde National Park


Client: Boston Museum of Science
Studio: Hero4Hire Creative

Producer: Christina Augustinos, Lynn Guarino

Storyboard: Steve Young

3D Artist/Compositor: William Waller 

Sound Design: Bob Pepek

As the Creative Director, I spearheaded this immersive project at the Boston Museum, where our VFX artists utilized the 3D program Taiao to meticulously recreate the life cycle of the Piñon Pine, from sapling to burnt trunk, including intricate details like individual needles. Additionally, scientifically accurate flora such as cheatgrass were depicted to immerse visitors in the landscape of southwestern Colorado.

This exhibit is about during the year 2000, wildfires ravaged 24,000 acres of Mesa Verde National Park. The wildfire's devastating impact is vividly portrayed through a video loop projected across dual screens. An interactive projection illustrates fire mapping onto falling rocks, showcasing the erosive effects of heat on the mesa. This immersive experience aims to educate and engage museum visitors on the environmental consequences of wildfires.

Visit the Museum of Science website for tickets and more info:

Softwares used: Taio, After effects, Photoshop

Animation Sample

Immersive Exhibit


The Process

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