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Pretty Amazing Productions Logo Identity


Studio: Hero4Hire Creative
Producer: Jordan Beck

Design & Animation: Jane Wu

With the launch of Pretty Amazing Productions, I had the honor of contributing to the design and animation of their logo, which will serve as the emblem for their upcoming films. This logo design was a collaborative effort involving multiple designers, with my final touch being the addition of "Pretty" and type layout, as well as the animation in 3D, adding a cinematic touch to the production.

The logo design was carefully crafted to evoke the charm of art deco and old Hollywood, paying homage to classic cinema while injecting a playful twist, particularly in the juxtaposition of the more formal elements with the whimsical flair of the word "Pretty." Additionally, the 3D animation features the iconic Boston skyline, serving as a nod to the studio's base location.

I'm proud to have played a role in bringing this emblem to life, setting the stage for the exciting ventures of Pretty Amazing Productions.

Softwares used: After effects, Cinema4D, Illustrator

Pretty Amazing Productions
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Logo Look Development


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