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Client: Repartee Films, PBS
Studio: Hero4Hire Creative

Producer: Kristen Lucas

Designers: Jane Wu, Betsy Delciampo

Motion Graphics Animation: Betsy Delciampo, Chris Goff

It was an honor to help Repartee Films tell the story of the Asian hate across America and shedding light to the March 2021 Atlanta mass shooting that targeted women of Asian descent in this 1 hour PBS Documentary Film. They had reached out to me specifically because I was an Asian American woman that's worked on and led documentary graphics. It was important to them that they tell the story through the lens of the AAPI community. It was truly a special project because that event had affected me so closely and was glad to be part of the Anti Asian Hate movement.

Full Streaming Documentary

Georgia Asian Times Interview

Softwares used: After effects, Photoshop

Photo Montage Tribute

One of the bigger asks was to create a photo montage of the victims to commemorate them. I designed this tactile photo scrapbook look to create an empathetic portrait of the victims, telling their stories, utilizing handwritten text that describes each person and even have their names written in their own languages

Rising Against Asian Hate - Photo Montage
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Title Card

For the title and typography designs, I worked closely with the film’s creators – all of whom are also Asian -American women – to deliver a bold design that captures the film’s attitude. Historically, the color yellow has been used to label the AAPI community under racist contexts. More recently, however, the AAPI community has reclaimed and transformed yellow as a symbol of defiant pride.