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Client: ABC
Studio: BigStar Motion Design

Producer: Kristen Pritchett

Design: Jane Wu, Carol Cai

Animators: Jane Wu, Casey Drogin, Blake Patrick

I had the pleasure of working on this animated segment for ABC’s Soul of a Nation documentary series as Art director, illustrator/animator with my rockstar team at BigStar. I was extremely excited to be heading this project, using a mix of hand drawn and puppet character animation technique in this adorable style to bring “Star child” to life. I was also proud to have a part in showing what Afrofuturism is and can do: it allows us to dream beyond, creating a new reality where Black people are the heroes and the stories are told through the Black lens. Being born an Asian woman in America it was difficult to find any positive representation in American media as well and understand the importance and impact it has on self image. For me it was also a sci-fi story, Battle Angel Alita, that heavily influenced me to be who I am today simply because the main character in the story who looked like me was depicted as a hero. Art is transformative and can shape the minds of people and I’m proud to be a small part of this movement.

Softwares used: After effects, photoshop, TV paint

Behind the Scenes Animation Process

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